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The interactive atlas viewer can be accessed from either a desktop or an Android mobile device. The navigation scheme vary slightly between the two platforms.

Desktop Mobile
Translating / Panning click drag on any slice views touchmove on any slice views
Oblique rotation shift + click drag on any slice views pinch rotate
Zooming (slice view, 3d view) mouse wheel pinch zoom
Next slice (slice view) ctrl + mouse wheel
Next 10 slice (slice view) ctrl + shift + mouse wheel


Not all regions have a position of interest curated. If absent, the UI elements described below would be missing.

If you believe some regions should have a position of interest curated, or the position of interest was incorrectly curated, please contact us.

From the viewer

click on a segmented region to bring up a region specific dialog

From here, click on Navigate.

click on the map icon.

From hierarchy tree

double click on the region of interest.

You can find the navigation status in the lower left corner of the interactive atlas viewer. You can reset the position, rotation and/or zoom, as well as toggling the units between physical (mm) and voxel.