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18 Oct 2019


  • Added support for new atlases:

    • cytoarchitectonic maps (mapped and interpolated) in Big Brain template space
    • JuBrain v18 in Colin 27 and MNI 152 2009c Nonlinear Asymmetric
    • Waxholm v1.01
    • Waxholm v3
    • Allen CCF 2017
  • Most assets are gz or br compressed. Should drastically improve load speed
  • Shiny new splash screen
  • Use base64 to hash selected regions and viewer state. This should drastically reduce URL length (see PR)
  • Allow files to be bundled into a zip file with README.txt and bundled
  • Allow animation to be turned off. For lower end devices, this could improve performance
  • Allow nifti file to be drag and dropped and visualised directly (beta)
  • Dark mode via SASS, toggled on automatically via template (system pref incoming. Watch this space)
  • You can now favouriting dataset
  • Lower res preview images are also served to reduce load time
  • New API for plugins: getUserInput and getUserConfirm
  • Allow toggle between single panel and four panel view
  • Chores

    • Added terms of use and cookie disclaimer
    • Move spatial search to backend
    • Upgraded to Angular 7 and using material design
    • Use cdkDrag instead of js implementation
    • Use virtual scrolling on long lists (I am looking at you, region hierarchy of Allen Mouse Brain Atlas)
    • UI bug in FF
    • Centrally logging via fluentD
    • added .well-known/security.txt