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1 April 2020

New features

  • Region search also searches for relatedAreas
  • updating the querying logic of datasets
  • connectivity browsing for JuBrain atlas
  • allow for added layer opacity to be changed
  • cross-template transform: when switching between human reference templates, the navigation is approximately preserved using hbp-spatial-backend deployed on HBP infrastructure.
  • (Re)allow the preview pane to be dragged around
  • Slight tweak to UI, allow for better side navigation bar rendering
  • Allow registered volume to be displayed on top of reference templates
  • Allow for bulk download of favourited datasets
  • Added ability to copy URL directly


  • Fixed a bug where plugin lifecycles were not implemented properly (#489)
  • Fixed a bug where on parcellation load, the colour of the parcellation fails to load (#454, #462)
  • Fixed a bug where, URL state is no longer parsed as state properly (#461)
  • Fixed a bug where, switching template does not result in the new template to be loaded (#475)

Under the hood stuff

  • Updated to Angular 9
  • Removed ngx-bootstrap as dependency
  • Using webcomponents for previewing datasets
  • Reenabled CSP
  • Added usage tracking