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11 Dec 2020

New features

  • update dataset preview functionality, allow the previewing of png
  • improved the previewing of maps
    • parse min and max, if these metadata are provided
    • allowing for color maps other than jet
  • Updated
  • introduced zoom buttons
  • major UI overhaul
  • tweaked mesh loading strategies. Now it will wait for all image chunks to be loaded before loading any meshes
  • showing contributors to a regional feature/dataset if publications are not available
  • added the ability to customize preview origin dataset to labels other to View probability map
  • Added short bundle HCP to the supported atlas
  • reworked regional dataset previews (iEEG & receptor density)
  • experimental : previewing of curated regional features: iEEG coordinates


  • dataset list view explicitly show loading status
  • fixed a few typos
  • fixed the reference space name of ICBM 152 2009c Nonlinear Asymmetric

Under the hood stuff

  • Updated how dataset retrieval work. It will now query on a region basis