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7 June 2020


  • Fixed PMap color map reset colormap (#523)
  • Modal filters are now sorted alphabetically (#524)
  • Restored ability to download csv and image from dataset preview (#522)
  • Fixed Hemisphere information overflowed in region menu explore template list (#529)
  • Showing region status on region context menu (#520)
  • Dataset previews are now reflected in the URL state (#502) & they stagger now!
  • Slightly retweaked scroll dataset container condition, to make it less strict
  • Fixed maximise panel on touch enabled devices (#533)
  • Dynamically fit the action buttons under datasets

Under the hood stuff

  • Minor refactor to slightly decouple modules
  • Added the option to develop via AOT builds
  • Paved way for periodic monitoring e2e tests (with NODE_ENV=production npm run e2e)